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Purchasing Module: Features


     Design your own Purchase Order form and print to printer, fax or email as a PDF

     Use Purchase Orders for both Inventory and non-stock items such as office supplies

     Purchase Orders can also be used to track items returned to a Supplier for credit or replacement

     Receiving can post A/P Invoice when goods are received, or hold off A/P posting so that the receiving slip can be matched to the Supplier's invoice later

     Alter the items on a P.O. when Supplier ships an alternate product

     Factor in allowances for currency exchange, duty, broker, shipping, and miscellaneous costs to generate a true landed cost

     Integrates fully and automatically with A/P, I/C, and G/L modules

     Remembers the last price paid to a supplier and warns of costing changes

     Checks and tracks Backorders

     Tracks Serial Numbers

     Pull "Ship to" address from Customer record to easily facilitate drop shipping direct to your Customer.

     Plenty of override-able defaults

     Quickly check cost against historical cost from all and single Supplier when ordering

     Receive an entire PO at the click of a button

In this module you have the ability to modify many of the codes and forms enabling you to change to software as your business needs change.


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