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Order Entry Module: Features


     Handles sale order backorder processing

     Documents and tracks product serial numbers

     Issue and track sales quotations

     Convert quotes into orders

     Handles recurring sales orders/invoices

     Inventory Item, Miscellaneous Item and Text lines supported on quote, order and invoice

     Have comprehensive "Technical-type" notes printed automatically on invoice for specific products

     Reprint Orders & Invoices at any time

     Drop-ship to virtually any address

     Enter and process product returns and credits

     Fully integrated with automatic posting to A/R, G/L, O/E, I/C modules

     See selling price history by Customer for specific Items

     See buying history of Client on screen or printed

     Load a "Bill of Materials" onto a Sales Order or Quote as a list of goods which can then be altered

     Be warned of insufficient stock levels with information such as quantity on order and historical lead time

     Sell in a variety of Unit Measurements

     Copy and reuse quotes

     Design and print Invoice, Quote, Work Order, Packing Slip and Shipping Label

     Print Invoices and "Pro-Forma" Invoices

     Integrates with GraspWEB™ for Customers placing orders or RFQs on your website

     Ship from multiple locations

     Track Date to Ship for advance orders

     Popup Customer Specific messages when entering a new Order

     Up to 5 different Invoices can print automatically and automatic emailing of Sales Invoice to customer when selected

     Can be set up to take payment from Customer at stage of invoicing or deposit with order

     Quickly create a repeat Order or credit from a past Sales Order

     Calculate shipping cost estimate from Purolator/UPS directly on the Sales Order

In this module you have the ability to modify many of the codes and forms enabling you to change to software as your business needs change.


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