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Inventory Control Module: Screens


Your company's Inventory Items are set up on this screen. There are several tabs with various settings. This screen shot shows one of them
This tabpage of settings determines the selling price. In addition to this, you can also set up customer specific contract pricing on another screen
This is one of the places where you can see the current stock level of a product. You can also set up min/max levels for you product here.
The Inventory Control module has the ability to do 'kitting' AKA Bill of Materials. This is where you can define the B.O.M.. In addition, the Manufacturing module offers even more options
Most of the inventory levels are updated automatically from Order Entry and Purchasing. However, you can use this screen to manually make stock level adjustments
There are several tools for counting inventory to provide different options for different situations. This is one of the inventory counting options
In addition to 9 standard selling price levels, you can define customer specific contract pricing by building a specific 'Price Table' on this screen that then is attached to the Customer's profile
There are several options for counting of inventory. This is one of them. It prints a sheet that your staff can then use to do a physical inventory count
There are a couple of screens where Inventory Item Labels can be printed. This is one of them. It utilizes the queue of recently received product that can be used to print labels from
This report will print or preview a list of products going in/out of inventory based on the filters selected
This 'Just In Time' report will create a graphical representation of how well matched your product inflows are to its outflows
This is one of the available pop-up screens and it shows the entire costing history of a product both as landed and purchase cost
This is another handy popup. Select a Customer, and this screen shows all of the products purchased from your company
This popup screen is useful to identify recently received product that may have been holding up sales orders and/or builds (manufacturing)


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