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This is the Day Board screen showing the workers and what jobs they are scheduled for. The use of colour makes it very easy to spot jobs that are behind schedule and may need some doubling up of effort
Use this screen to 'order' a build.
When the build is complete or even partially complete, you can use this tab to update it. You can also see how you can make modifications to this Bill of Materials based on the actual time taken
On this screen you can get a sense of how the various Tasks of a Build are allocated
This screen shows the Material list for a Job being allocated. Notice the information at the bottom showing your current stock situation for the selected Item
There are various reports in this module. This example will print a breakdown of performance by a certain Task. There is a similar report that shows the performance for all of the Tasks in a certain Job
You can build different shift templates for the workers. Here is an example of one
This screen is where you set up the Bill of Materials that is used in this module. Notice the ability to 'Stress Factoring' and 'Job Setup costs'


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