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GraspWEB™: Features


     This product enables your to run a web store directly from your office

     The web content is controlled by your initial setup and design AND your choices in Visual Grasp creating a maintenance free web store

     Through page design you control which features of GraspWEB you choose to use

     Display selected inventory products from Visual Grasp Inventory Control automatically on the web

     Specify which products to show and whether or not to show quantity available or selling price details

     Automatically display the pictures that you have set up for the products in Visual Grasp

     Validated Customers can enter the products that they wish to buy either directly to a Sales Order or a Quote which appear automatically in your Visual Grasp screen for your approval

     Customers flagged as COD can be directed to a secure payment site of your choice

     If you choose, new Customers can set up their basic information which can be channelled to a default setup template depending on their physical location

     Remote sales personnel can have their own private page to log in to check stock and/or costing details

     Have up-to-date company news on your website all entered and driven from the Visual Grasp program

     Maintain your "Links" page right from Visual Grasp

     Endless possibilities of what you can have ported automatically to your website

In this module you have the ability to modify many of the codes and forms enabling you to change to software as your business needs change.


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