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Accounts Receivable Module: Features


     Customer Code length: 8 Alpha-numeric Characters.

     Multiple Shipping Addresses for Customer

     Change Customer Code at any time. (All history follows)

     Up to 9 separate subsiduary control ledgers

     Historical Customer sales tracked and easily viewed/printed

     Up to 200 sales tax calculation formulas over 9 taxes for accurate tax calculations

     Up to 500 Terms of Payment codes including Early Payment Discount calculation

     Aged Receivables report by Invoice Date AND Due Date

     Back-dated Aged Receivables report: Print your receivables report for a past period or year

     All Customer transactions online, all the time ... forever.

     Sales Reports by Salesperson

     Collection Manager tool built in which can optionally interface to the Visual Grasp CRM product for collection conversation tracking

     Handles "unallocated payments" from Customer

     Customer has underpaid by a few cents? Easy to apply "manual discounts" to an invoice when payment is received

     Able to calculate "overdue interest" on a customer by customer basis

     Prints User defined Customer Statements

     Merge redundant or duplicate Customer records including their history into a single record

     Customer specific messages when accessed through Order Entry

     Use in conjunction with VG CRM software to manage CRM funtions including sales, marketing AND collections

     Email Invoices automatically to customers

     User defined Customer listings and mailing labels

In this module you have the ability to modify many of the codes and forms enabling you to change to software as your business needs change.


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