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General Ledger Module: Features


     Multi-user (field locking allows multiple people into same screen and record at the same time)


     Set up for either 12 OR 13 accounting periods

     Unlimited financial statement templates and built in financial statement designer.

     Handles multiple bank accounts each with its own cheque numbering and cheque format template.

     Print Cheques or create EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) file for your bank.

     Handles over 1M (yes that's "million") G/L Account Codes/Departments.

     Account codes up to 6 characters long

     Department codes up to 4 characters long

     On-screen Account Reconciliation (bank AND other)

     Set up and manage "Repeat G/L Entries".

     Account Re-allocation (ie distribute a percentage of an expense to various department overheads)

     Print cheques DIRECTLY from General Ledger as well as from Accounts Payable

     Perpetual G/L. No Year Ends. Be up to date all the time

     Numerous reports including User-defined Management Reports

     Ability to change G/L Account Codes. (All historical information follows the change automatically)

     Ad-hoc report generator and build in Report Designer

     Advanced BI (Business Intelligence) Analytics and Reporting

     MARIA© (Management and Report Intelligent Analyzer) tracks and compares 19 different financial ratios automatically. Have greater confidence and insight into the essence of your financial statements

     Report on and Post to accounting entries in any fiscal year (appropriate security required of course)

     Significant Changes and Deviations report, highlights oddities to attract your attention to transactions or actions that are outside the norm

     MARIA© Onscreen Monitor allows overall viewing of the up to the second pulse of the company

     All entries stamped with the Users Login ID and their unique Session ID for full audit control

     Custom design your Cheques, Financial Statements, Invoices, Order Confirmations, I/C Labels, Shipping Labels, Purchase Order, Customer Statement and more

     Exports to Caseware auditing software for your accountant.

     Maintain budgets for each fiscal year and compare to actuals

     Easily create similar data using our Setup Template tool.

     Available as SQL or non-SQL versions

In this module you have the ability to modify many of the codes and forms enabling you to change to software as your business needs change.


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