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Accounts Payable Module: Screens


Use this screen to enter invoices which are NOT coming from the Purchasing module
Suppliers are set up using this screen
If you want to pay Suppliers by submitting an EFT file to your bank, then you fill in this information on the Supplier's profile
This screen is where you create a single cheque to pay a Supplier
When creating cheques, it is easy to take a manual discount or issue a prepayment for deposit to the Supplier
If you choose to pay Supplier's in a cheque run, this screen can be used to unflag or even HOLD an invoice to change whether or not it is included in the payables run
This is the final screen that completes building the EFT file for submission to your bank
Use this screen to print an Aged Payables listing.
Need to print a T5018 (1099 in the USA)? This is the report to use.
his is a pop-up screen that will display what invoices where paid by a specific cheque. You can also cancel a payment using this screen if the cheque got lost in the mail


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