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Inventory Control Module: Features


     Item Code length: 25 alphanumeric characters

     Over 16M (yes that's million) Items (Unlimited with SQL)

     Change Item Code and history automatically follows the change

     See Sales Performance stats on screen or printed

     Serial Number tracking. Manufacturer supplied or internally generated

     Up to 1,000 I/C Control Accounts for G/L Integration

     LIFO, FIFO, and Weighted Average Costing Methods

     Inventory & "Non"-Inventory Items for O/E Integration

     Set up a default markup matrix for graduated default pricing based on Most Recent Cost, Average Cost or Highest Historical Cost

     Up to 10,000 I/C Categories

     Set up Item shelf lives to track their expiry date by date of receipt

     Print I/C Labels for received product

     9 Price Levels + Sale Price

     Establish Special and Contract pricing for specific Customers based on set price, dollar markup from cost or percentage markup from cost

     Sell by different Measurement Units... Visual GRASP© will handle static or dynamic conversions automatically!

     Powerful Bill of Materials and OTB Tracking including stage tracking to assist is tracking build process progression

     See I/C stock by location and perpetual costing and purchase history

     45+60 chars. of description + 16,000 character notepad for each item

     Costing & Pricing to 4 decimal places

     Min./Max. Stock Levels

     Min/Max by Location AND Season

     Alternate Item Lookup

     Global Price and Cost Changes screen

     Powerful costing and stock movement auditing

     Up to 999,999 I/C Locations

     Up to 100,000 Unit Codes

     Lookup purchase and sales information by serial number

     User warned of cost fluctuations at purchase and can immediately update selling prices proportionately

     Recommended Order report assists purchasing

     See who buys a product

     See a chronological listing of a customer's purchases

     Import count files from CSV files (for mobile/remote computing)

     Unlimited user defined Item Price List or Catalogue Reports

     Powerful ability to port selected items to the Web using our powerful GraspWEB™ product

     9 photos/graphic files attached to each Item

In this module you have the ability to modify many of the codes and forms enabling you to change to software as your business needs change.


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